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Rayotek has developed cutting-edge technologies for hermetically sealing sight windows, high pressure windows and vacuum windows with extremely high pressure capacities. In addition, our annular ring windows allow for non-interfering indirect ring lighting around a camera view windows which can be used in high pressure imaging applications.

Applications utilizing our sealing technology:

  • Sight windows / sight glass - glass, borosilicate (Pyrex™) & sapphire
  • Flow sight meters - glass, borosilicate (Pyrex™) & sapphire
  • High vacuum glass & sapphire windows
  • High pressure glass, borosilicate (Pyrex™) & sapphire windows
  • High impact glass & sapphire windows
  • Glass & sapphire security windows
  • Down hole imaging & inspection in the petroleum industry
  • Glass & sapphire windows for deep sea applications
  • Glass & sapphire windows for hazardous systems & transparent safety shields

Rayotek: superior quality high pressure sight windows and sight glass manufacturer. With our processes we can hermetically seal glass, borosilicate (Pyrex™), fused silica, fused quartz and sapphire to a variety of metal and ceramic housings. Our production methods are conducive to both low and high volume production.

Sight Glass Manufacturer: We can apply our technology to your designs for a superior sight glass window system.




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