Rayotek’s high-performance diffusers and Optical Homogenizers have been developed for ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and infrared (IR) laser and light applications. Due to proprietary manufacturing processes, Rayotek’s diffusers have higher transmission and power damage threshold limits compared to traditional fused silica, opal and ceramic diffusers.

Low to zero speckle and highly uniform surfaces make Rayotek’s high performance diffusers consistently reliable. In addition, long diffuser lifespans directly reduce system down times caused by signal degradation (a possible source of signal error issues).

Very low speckle
Thermal stability (zero drift over time)
High transmission over a broad spectral range
Reduction in system down times
Cone angles customized to requested needs
Thermal shock resistance
Excellent Signal Homogenizing



Full Width Half Maximum Range: 5° to 40° with tolerances better than +/- 0.5
Transmission: 80% to 92%, depending on cone angle (including reflection loss)
Florescence: none
Infrared Absorption: diffusers can be supplied with IR grade, low OH fused silica
Solarization: extremely low due to high purity of fused silica
Sizes: from sub-mm to 146mm diameter
Laser Damage Threshold Value: up to 20J/cm2, depending on cone angle
Polarization: negligible to no effect
Temperature Range: up to 1050ºC
Speckle: low to zero speckle
Materials: fused silica, sapphire, MgF2, ZnSe, CaF2 and glass
Sizes: 1mm to 1 meter depending on material and performance requirements



  • Laser calibration systems including Excimer systems
  • Medical & dental systems
  • Avionics & instrument displays
  • FTIR (infrared spectroscopy) systems
  • Optical Homogenizers for Coherent & incoherent light homogenization
  • Aerospace & navigation systems
  • Signal homogenizing
  • Front & rear projection screens
  • Low cost glass diffusers for high volume commercial applications where plastic is too fragile or heat sensitive and homogenized light is required.
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High quality quartz diffusers & fused silica diffusers from Rayotek


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