In response to industry demand and our customer’s needs, Rayotek has created a separate grinding facility dedicated to massive grinding operations.  Our 5-Axis Grinding System was built after a 3-year engineering project to design the ultimate system for precision grinding and polishing large workpieces.  Rayotek’s customized 5-Axis Grinder produces diamond-ground glass, borosilicate, fused quartz, alumina and glass-ceramic materials to virtually any shape.

Rayotek’s massive 5-Axis Grinder turns dreams into reality. Rapid production times along with high precision completely eliminates the need for slower, more traditional grinding methods. In addition, Rayotek’s massive 5-Axis Grinding System can generate shapes and sizes not achievable with other systems.

Typical materials that can be easily ground and polished on our
massive Grinding System:

  • Alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide & other refractory materials
  • Heraeus TSC series fused quartz & Spectrosil® 2000 fused silica
  • Schott Zerodur® glass-ceramic & BK7 optical glass
  • Astrosital® glass-ceramic
  • Ohara Clearceram® (CCZ) glass-ceramic & BSL7 optical glass
  • Corning 7980 fused silica & 7972 ULE® glass-ceramic
  • Momentive 124 and 144 fused quartz

Applications that benefit from Rayotek’s Massive 5-Axis Grinding solution:

  • Large Optics Blanks – for fast, low-cost large optics, molded and/or precision ground to near net shapes
    for master opticians
  • Finish Grinding on Cast & Pressed Blanks - for precision, finish grinding on cast large blanks made of of alumina, silicon carbide & other ceramics & refractories
  • Massive Optics & Mirrors – for massive astronomy telescopes
  • Large Diameter Domes & Spheres – for deep sea submersible, ROVER & lighting
  • Large-size Ceramic & Fused Quartz Dies - for metal forming & superplastic metal forming
  • Ceramic Nozzles – rocket & missile applications
  • Large Thermally Stable Lithography Bases - low expansion materials precision ground to support
    lithography systems
  • Inspection & QA Tables & Bases – Massive, thermally & mechanically stable inspection tables, tooling & fixturing
  • Large scale models – for large-scale size models made from stone, glass, ceramic & stone

What makes our Massive 5-Axis Grinding System capable of achieving so much more than any other service available:

         • Unprecedented accuracy for such a large working envelope:

5-Axis Grinding System Work Envelope
Maximum Grinding   X-axis 163in 4150mm
Maximum Grinding   Y-axis 197in 5000mm
Maximum Grinding   Z-axis 55in 1400mm
Maximum Outside Diameter 159in 4030mm

  • Onsite laser mapping of the entire machine for higher accuracy
  • In-situ touch probe for establishing and adjusting toolpath.
  • Delcam Software System to generate highly accurate G-code for even the most complex curved, facet free surfaces
  • An in-house master 5-Axis grinding engineer
  • An in-house, world class master optician
  • 21 years of experience with diamond grinding complex, optical surfaces

CLICK HERE for more information on Rayotek's large workpiece manufacturing capabilities.



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