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As a custom glass and sapphire products manufacturer, Rayotek has the flexibility to produce in low volumes, high volumes and to fabricate prototypes.

By combining our molding, grinding, polishing, machining and growing processes with our hot working and hermetic sealing capabilities, we produce a huge range of specialty shapes in sapphire, glass, and quartz.

Our sapphire can be grown into a variety of shapes such as domes, tubes, ribbons and shells. This characteristic allows shapes to be formed with minimal or no grinding.

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A few applications where sapphire is the superior material:

  • Sapphire tubes & sapphire domes for high pressure systems
  • High temperature sapphire light pipes for pyrometer & infrared signal transmission
  • High-purity vacuum, chemical & plasma processing for semiconductor applications
  • Aerospace products such as sapphire shields, sapphire infrared camera windows & sapphire POD windows
  • Deep-sea & marine products such as sapphire windows for robotics, remote sensor equipment, submarines, periscopes & oil platform inspection equipment

Glass has its own unique properties, making it a better material than sapphire in the following ways:

Rayotek is a glass and sapphire products manufacturer offering high-tech, high-end parts. Our custom glass and sapphire products are developed using cutting-edge technologies combined with years of experience.


Click to Enlarge - Fused Silica Light Pipe Funnels Click to Enlarge - Nozzles, Domes and Other Specialty Shapes Click to Enlarge - Threaded Sapphire Parts

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