Precision Sapphire Products


Rayotek excels in the production of low-cost, precision sapphire product manufacturing. Synthetic sapphire growing, shaping, grinding and polishing is our expertise.



We grow and shape a variety of low and high volume precision sapphire products, including:

  • Sapphire Windows for scanners, display covers, PDAs, semiconductor systems, infrared surveillance systems & very
    high temperature & chemical environments

  • Sapphire Lenses for endoscopes, infrared systems & hostile environments

  • Sapphire Micro Tubes for medical, fiber optics & insulator applications

  • Large Sapphire Tubes for high-pressure, high-purity & semiconductor applications

  • Sapphire Wear Parts for dynamic systems where physical & positional integrity must be maintained over time

  • Sapphire Domes, sapphire hemispheres, sapphire rods & other
    simple sapphire shapes for applications in a variety of industries



With facilities and partnerships in the USA, China, Europe and Russia, we offer high-quality glass and sapphire product manufacturing at very competitive prices.


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