Sapphire Xenon Flash Lamps

Sapphire Flash Lamps






Rayotek designs, develops and manufactures sapphire xenon flash lamps and plasma lamps for a wide range of applications. Due to its unique properties, sapphire is a superior material for high-pressure and high-temperature lamps. Sapphire lamps are far superior to fused quartz because they do not devitrify, do not UV solarize, and are much more durable. The use of sapphire is even more critical when high mechanical or thermal stress is involved.

Rayotek's sapphire lamp and sapphire flash lamp products:

  • Sapphire flash lamps for laser systems
  • Sapphire lamp housings for ignition systems
  • Semiconductor industry sapphire lamps for radiation cleaning & heating
  • Military applications where sapphire lamps are subjected to high G and high impacts conditions
  • High intensity sapphire lamps for strobes, infrared (IR), visible signalling & warning lamps

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