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Rayotek is a premier manufacturer of light, laser and other optical diffusers in glass, borosilicate glass (eg Pyrex™), fused silica and Mag Fluoride (MgF). Our fused silica and Mag Fluoride (MgF) diffusers are engineered for high power applications such as excimer lasers and IR lamp applications for minimal to zero signal drift over time.

For high power applications our glass diffusers have been specially processed with our proprietary methods to eliminate performance drift. This greatly reduces or completely eliminates the need for frequent recalibration of your system.

We offer low cost quartz, silica and glass diffusers with zero first order transmission and cone angles from 4 to 40 degrees.

Applications utilizing our diffusers:

  • Fused silica diffusers for excimer & visible laser calibration systems
  • Mag Fluoride (MgF) diffusers for high power IR applications
  • Glass diffusers for lighting & light diffusing applications
  • Specialty glass & sapphire diffusers for lamps & flash lights
  • Quartz, silica and glass diffusers for LEDs & displays
  • Laser diffusers
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Rayotek is a leader manufacturing of quality, high-volume, low-cost precision glass, sapphire, fused quartz, silica and gladd reflectors, lenses, windows and optics.

Applications that utilize our small glass reflectors and optics include:

  • Precision glass micro optics for endoscopes
  • Small optics for laser applications
  • Precision mini sapphire and glass reflectors for fiber optic applications
  • Simple & aspheric glass lenses & reflectors for LED products

We make simple, complex (parabolic, ellipsoidal, aspheric) and flat shapes from glass, borosilicate glass (eg Pyrex™), fused quartz, fused silica and sapphire.

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Rayotek is a industry leader manufacturing for simple and aspheric, large and massive glass reflectors, lenses and optics. Our custom-built furnaces are designed to accommodate large and massive optics, making our molding processes suitable for a wide variety of molding, slumping, and production projects.

Our glass reflectors, reflector blanks, simple and aspheric optics are made primarily from borosilicate glass (eg Pyrex™), fused quartz and soda lime float glass, but can be made from other optical materials as well.

Applications utilizing our large reflectors and optics:

  • Glass reflectors & optics for solar power generation & solar heating
  • Large & massive glass optics for imaging & display applications
  • Large glass reflectors for space & aeronautical systems
  • Large & massive glass reflectors & optics for telescope & optical detection arrays
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High quality quartz diffusers, fused silica diffusers and glass reflectors from Rayotek.

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